Brave Rape Victims

Come Forward to


Sarah Jeong of the

New York Times
Posted on August 9, 2018 by Samuel Collingwood Smith
Sarah Jeong, newly hired at the New York Times,

is a racist who stripped a rape victim of her anonymity.

In my previous article I exposed how newly appointed

New York Times editorial board member Sarah Jeong

had doxed a rape victim, knowing that the act would

trigger harassment of her. I further revealed that

when the allegations were put to the

New York Times they did not deny it, and

I quoted their response in full.

Now brave victims of rape and childhood abuse have

come forward to condemn the

New York Times, its leadership and Jeong.


Matthew Hopkins News uses tracking

software to track media inquiries.

This enables me to see how many times an

inquiry is displayed. My initial media inquiry

to the New York Times was viewed nearly

800 times after being sent to a single press

officer – over 600 in the first 90 minutes

after being sent. It is clear that the NYT

realises how comprehensively the story

destroys their narrative of Jeong being a

victim of racism and online trolls.


The New York Times fears this story.

My email about this to a single press officer

was read nearly 900 times, the first 600 of

those in 90 minutes. Readers are asked to

please share my last article and this one with every

Conservative publication you can.

I was incredibly grateful to users of /r/the_donald (

T_D) and /r/KotakuInAction (KIA) for sharing my

last article. The story needs to be the “next thing”

about Jeong in the national and international

media after the racism allegations.

Readers are encouraged to share it

with their favourite national

publications because this is

what the NYT fears.T_D and KIA

were not the only subreddits to

see my article however.

Reddit is home to communities made up

exclusively of victims of rape and abuse.

One brave victim chose to

express her feelings in /r/adultsurvivors/.

It is harrowing reading –


“Seven years ago a man overpowered me, threw me to the ground and rammed himself inside me. It was what they like to call a ‘stranger rape’, or in some dark places, a ‘real rape’. It was a traumatic experience but I did my duty and reported it, not that my abuser was found. Too many rapists go unpunished. I had the advantage of anonymity and caring if


overstretched law enforcement. One of the most important things about rape is the stigma and the shame attached to victimhood. That’s why anonymity for victims is so important. I was horrified to read that a journalist from the New York Times called Sarah Jeong has deliberately […] stripped that anonymity from an undisputed genuine rape victim. Worse, her employer the New York Times is turning a blind eye!


The New York Times did not even deny it. It brought it all back to me: the horror, the shame and the tears. It was a horrifying experience and the trauma is always with me, but it is not the only type of violation. Women who are raped are afraid to come forward in case they are identified and stigmatised and that is why anonymity is so important.


Stripping even 1 woman of her anonymity will scare away 10 others from reporting what happened to them and leave rapists on the street free to violate again. For the New York Times to turn a blind eye is beyond wrong, beyond unacceptable. It is a betrayal of America, of our values and of women everywhere.


I don’t care about the political issues. What I care about is that in a way Sarah Jeong is raping the survivors again. I have used a burner account to avoid harassment on my main and I ask everyone to respect my right to anonymity. I condemn Sarah Jeong completely and utterly without reservation.”

Strong words. This victim points out that Jeong’s actions and the NYT’s decision to do nothing about it will likely discourage other women for coming forward. How could it not when the person responsible for removing the woman’s anonymity goes unpunished?


Of course, I have considered the ethics of publishing the anonymous victims comments. Although they claim to be rape victims, the posters in /r/adultsurvivors/ could be anyone. The far left has taught us all too well that not all allegations are true. However, these victims make no fresh allegations of fact, because neither Jeong nor the Times have denied the dox allegations (and in any event the doxing post is still up and has been archived). The remaining statements are mostly expressions of opinion and I consider them fair to post. I will believe the victims.


I have made a slight redaction of part of the statement because it makes an assumption of motive that is unproven. Doubtless Jeong would say that she made the doxing post in good faith and to defend herself from criticism.


Subsequently another abuse victim joined the thread. They expressly identified as a Democrat and disparaged Donald Trump over his alleged “pussy-grabbing” remarks but nonetheless condemned Jeong.


“[…] As a Democrat and a child abuse victim I am naturally suspicious of political arguments by supporters of a man who spoke of, “grabbing women by the pussy”, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. Not everyone condemned by Republicans is innocent. Being a Democrat is not a get-out-of-jail-free card for rape. Being a Democrat is not a free pass to enable rape for political gain, or to ignore enabling rape for political gain.


I too condemn Sarah Jeong. We really need a petition on or something. This woman is not someone who should be on the NYT editorial board.”

It is difficult to overstate how important this is. The woman Sarah Jeong targeted is an undisputed rape victim. Even dyed-in-the-pink-hair Trump haters cannot condone what she has done. Worst of all her doxing post is still up on her blog. The brave victims have framed the concern very well. The NYT has condemned the racism but remained silent on the doxing of the rape victim and it is arguable that by doing so they share some of the moral culpability.


According to their previous comment NYT Executive Editor Dean Baquet was not involved in Jeong’s appointment. He may not have appointed Jeong but he could legitimately criticise Ms Jeong’s conduct or to ask her to remove the doxing post.


Before publishing this article, I sent a fresh media inquiry to the NYT. I asked several key questions but this time, there was no reply.


The key questions were –

1. Do Dean Baquet or the NYT condemn Sarah Jeong’s decision to strip a rape victim of her anonymity?

No response.

2. Have Dean Baquet or the NYT requested Sarah Jeong remove the doxing post from her personal blog?

No response.

3. In relation to 1 and 2, if not why not?

No explanation.

4. Which person or persons at the NYT appointed Sarah Jeong?


5. Will the NYT dismiss Ms Jeong?

No response (this was addressed in their comment in my first article though)

6. Will Dean Baquet resign?

No response.

The New York Times and its leadership have become so blinkered in America’s bitterly partisan politics that they have lost their way. The “Newspaper of Record” now only keeps the record of its own shame.